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Our extensive catalog of services extends from specialized marketing strategies to team cultivation and the optimization of operational procedures.
At Ibizan Cocktails, we are your trusted partner in advancing the art of mixology and enhancing the vibrancy of the hospitality industry.

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We help bar and restaurant owners grow their business. With years of experience, we offer insights to help increase sales, improve customer experience, and optimize operations. Our passion for the industry drives us to provide the best service possible. Contact us today to reach your full potential.


Gain bartending skills with our experienced tutors and practical courses! Learn how to mix cocktails, pour beer, and provide top-notch customer service. Upon completion of the course, earn a globally valid certification and work anywhere from bars, restaurants, and even different countries. Sign up today to turn your bartending passion into a successful career!


Discover the magic of Ibiza with the catering services of Ibizan Cocktails! We offer you a unique and authentic experience, inspired by the paradise island of Ibiza. Our team is specialized in providing a mobile bar service, professional bartenders and delicious Spanish tapas.


Choose the location, explore new cultures while reaching a world-class level and access exclusive job opportunities in the IBAHUB community.


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I met ABIGAIL during a cocktail masterclass organized by the office I worked for in London. I was always curious about cocktails and after attending this class I had the courage and signed up for the Ibizan Cocktails virtual academy in 2021. I got the certificate as a junior bartender and since then I have been working and enjoying life as a cocktail bartender in my city, Manchester, as well as having done a few events in Ibiza where I wanted to experience summer.


I received training as a cocktail bartender in early 2023 as part of the Ibizan Cocktails menu design program. During my training I learned how to work professionally behind a bar, everything about work tools and the most important thing. I learned to prepare classic cocktails in addition to the signature ones that Ibizan Cocktails designed for the company where I work. After finishing my training I was promoted to bar manager at the UMI restaurant (SUSHI&SAKE BAR).


In the summer of ’22, I started as an intern at can xuxu in Ibiza. Jon Ale was the F&B manager and was also in charge of my learning process and the other interns. I quickly realized that he had a tremendous passion for making cocktails, which he referred to as an “art.” I have passed on that passion for bartending to me. Since then I have had the opportunity to work as a bartender in various establishments in the Netherlands. I also worked as a bartender in Ibiza for another season in the summer of ’23.